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SMART EGYPT for International Exhibitions & Marketing cordially invites you to exhibit in our upcoming show,
From 16th – 25th November' 2012
        This Exhibit provides the ideal environment in which to network and build solid relationships with buyers and investors from Mauritius with an impact on the Madagascar, Mozambique & Zimbabwe market.
         Mauritius lies on the Indian Ocean, off the south east banks of Africa. It contains a population of 1.6 million on an area of 1865 sq. km. It has an annual GDP of $12.30 billion and a GDP per capita of $10,400. Mauritius’s exports amount to $1.775 billion while the imports are $2.184 billion with main trading partners UK, France, USA, Germany, and Italy.
                   The exhibition will be held on the grounds of the International Exhibition Canter, in Mauritius in the Free Port Zone 7 F.O.M. The Canter lies just 10 minutes from Port Louis’s downtown, which is the capital of Mauritius. The show will be held in collaboration with Freeport Operations Ltd.
         Organizing the event will be SMART EGYPT for International Exhibitions & Marketing. SMART EGYPT has been organizing successful exhibitions in Mauritius for the past years 2001, 2002 & 2003. The first to bring Egypt to Mauritius through the annual Egypt Trade Fair, they have created strong awareness within the Mauritanian market for the Egyptian and Arab market. In addition to Mauritius, SMART EGYPT has also been successfully connecting Egypt with the African markets in South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire, Mozambique, Ghana, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Cameroun, Gabon and Kenya, with future prospects in Zambia and Congo Brazzaville. SMART EGYPT strongly believes in the potential of the African market and the ability of the Arab countries to accomplish strong foundations in the countries.
                The enclosed materials illustrate the many advantages of taking part in 04th EGYPT & MIDDLE EAST EXPO 2012 – Mauritius, and how this show is an excellent tool for your sales and marketing efforts.
       We look forward to your participation in the 4th EGYPT & MIDDLE EAST EXPO 2012 at Port Louis, Mauritius and wish you much success in the coming season.